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General Physical Education & Sports Online Interactive Historical Sports Statistics Databases
Downloadable databases containing baseball, basketball, hockey, and football statistics over the years.
Empire State Games
Links to pages for various Empire State games, including games for the physically challenged and games for seniors.
History of Women in Sports Timeline
Chronology of women in sports from ancient times through the present.
PE Central
This is the ultimate Web site for physical education teachers and students.
Sport Science
Articles about the science behind baseball, cycling, skateboards, and other sports.
Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers
The exhibition spotlights the pioneering men and women who dominated their sports; championed their country, race, or sex; and helped others to achieve. Both on and off the playing field, these undaunted individuals broke records for themselves and broke barriers for us all.

Specific Sports

Baseball Almanac
Baseball Reference
These three sites have tons of baseball history, including awards, statistics, records, humor, and more.
Baseball America Online
Current standings and news for major, minor, college, high school, and international leagues. The Official Site of Major League Baseball
Press releases, stats, history, rules, schedules, pictures, players, and more.
The Science of Baseball
Set of articles from Scientific American which take a look at green stadiums, the physics of baseball, and other scientific underpinnings of the U.S. national pastime.
World Baseball Classic
Event that will feature many of the best players in the world competing for their home countries and territories.

Bicycle Tutor
All about bicycle repair and maintenance.
Bicycles FAQ
Extensive but rarely updated FAQs from the newsgroup rec.bicycles.
Bicycling Magazine
For hard-core cyclists and bike racing fans.
A nonprofit organization … working to promote the bicycle as a viable, healthy, and sustainable transportation choice.
Physical Therapists Offer Tips for Proper Bike Fit
Describes good placement of seat, handlebars, etc. for comfort and avoid strain.

ESPN: College Football
Football news from the ESPN network.
NCAA Football was created in 1997 as a 501(c) 4, not-for-profit corporation to serve as the collective voice to promote college football. Includes schedules, standings, articles, images, and more.
Site of the National Football League, with statistics, standings, links to team pages, news, and more.

The Olympic Games
Olympic History
The Ancient OlympicsThe Nazi OlympicsThe Olympic Museum
Olympic Groups (IOC)Paralympic GamesSpecial OlympicsTeam USA
Olympic News
ESPNGoogleNBCNY Times — NewsTwitterYouTube
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014
Sochi 2014 Official SiteSochi 2014 on FacebookSochi 2014 on Twitter SochiNBC Learn: Science and Engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Rio de Janeiro, Summer 2016
Rio 2016 Official SiteRio 2016 – Blog


ESPN: SoccerNet
Pages on the ESPN sports news website dealing with soccer. – Fédération Internationale de Football Association
World-wide organization to organize and oversee competitive soccer. Also sponsors the annual World Cup event and publishes the Laws of the Game (official rules of play).
News site about soccer around the globe.
As the governing body of soccer in all its forms in the United States, U.S. Soccer has helped chart the course for the sport in the USA for more than 90 years.
World Cup
Official pages from FIFA dealing with the annual World Cup tournament.
World Cup Blog
Includes bloggers from nations around the world.

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning
People who are drowning don’t wave their hands like they do in the movies. Learn what drowning victims actually look like so you can recognize the signs and be prepared to get help.
CDC: Healthy Swimming / Recreational Water
Information for the public, public health and medical professionals, and aquatics staff so everyone can maximize the health benefits of swimming while minimizing the risk of illness and injury.
Medline Plus: Water Safety (Recreational)
Playing in the water – whether swimming, boating or diving – can be fun. It can also be dangerous, especially for children. Being safe can help prevent injuries and drowning. Swimming
History of the spoke, different strokes, learning to swim, and other information and links.
Swimming World
The Swimming World magazine site has tons of news and information about swimming and swimmers.
USA Swimming
Official site for competitive swimming in the U.S. Includes information on training, events, news, and more.

Fitness & Sports Medicine

Fitness Resources
ACE Fitness: Get Fit America
Includes all sorts of information on fitness and training, including an Exercise Library, Recipes, Newsletters Research, and more. From the American Council on Exercise. Prevention & Wellness
First aid, nutrition, stress, physical activity, addictions, safety, and other topics are covered on this website.
Fitness Jumpsite
A fitness library and an active calorie counter.
From Couch to 5k
Running tips, ideas, and plans for couch potatoes and inexperienced runners.
Joe’s Goals
Use the simple single page interface to setup daily goals and track them with just a click. Watch your daily score to gage your success and use negative goals (or vices) to confront and overcome bad habits that finally need to get the boot.
Live Strong
Healthy living site with helpful Calorie Counters.
MayoClinic: Fitness
Find fitness information and expert exercise advice on walking, sports nutrition, strength training, sports medicine and sports injuries.
Medline Plus: Exercise and Physical Fitness
Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy. People who are active live longer and feel better. Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight. It can delay or prevent diabetes, some cancers and heart problems.
Physical Activity for Everyone
There is no need to think of strenuous workouts that are painful and boring. Instead, imagine doing fun physical activities you enjoy and look forward to. Do physical activity for enjoyment and watch the health benefits follow!
See: Sports -Running
Shape Up America!
This website is designed to provide you with the latest information about safe weight management, healthy eating, increased activity and physical fitness.

Sports Medicine
About: Sports Medicine
Information on sports medicine, exercise, avoiding and treating injuries, and related topics.
Handout on Health: Sports Injuries
Information and links to further pages from the Federal Citizen Information Center.
MayoClinic: Fitness
Find fitness information and expert exercise advice on walking, sports nutrition, strength training, sports medicine and sports injuries.
MEDLINEplus: Sports Fitness
Sports health and fitness information from the National Library of Medicine.
MEDLINEplus: Sports Injuries
Information on injuries and conditions which affect athletes from the National Library of Medicine.

Articles for Reports

The following articles may be used instead of the ones in Mrs. Gosney’s binder for girls missing PE class.

Feeling Fuller Faster
Getting regular exercise can have a surprising effect on appetite. (Allure, June 2013)
Acne & Skin
Breakout Buster
A new antibacterial ingredient could help keep skin clear. (Allure, April 2013)
Bright idea: laser, light devices useful for clearing acne, scars recalcitrant to standard treatments
While topical and oral therapies remain the gold standard approach for treating acne, laser and light sources are effective for acne lesions and scarring, and can be particularly useful in cases recalcitrant to standard therapeutic approaches, an expert says. ( Dermatology Times, June 2013)
Healthier skin–naturally: acne? Dry skin? Discover how to treat these concerns and more without chemicals
Although most people are born with beautiful skin, thanks to environmental pollutants, hormonal imbalances, stress, sun damage, and the passage of time, it can be hard to keep it looking fresh and healthy. ( Kiwi Magazine, June-July 2013)
Alzheimer’s & Brain
Mild Explosions Tied to Injury-Related Alzheimer’s
Even a single, mild explosion can cause brain injuries that are markedly similar to those seen in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has found. (Newsmax, Sept. 2013)
Playing for time: Can music stave off dementia?
As scientists race to figure out how to promote healthy aging of the brain, and prevent dementia, their preliminary advice for senior citizens has become a chorus of voices: “Stay active! Have hobbies! Be socially engaged! (CNN Wire, Sept. 2013)
Badminton – History
Badminton Bible – Simple Rules for Complete Beginners
Beginners don’t need to know everything about the rules. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started.
Badminton World Federation
The sport of badminton has its origins in ancient civilisations in Europe and Asia. The ancient game known as battledore (bat or paddle) and shuttlecock probably originated more than 2000 years ago.
Basketball – History
Springfield College: The Birthplace of Basketball
It was the winter of 1891-1892. Inside a gymnasium at Springfield College (then known as the International YMCA Training School), located in Springfield, Mass., was a group of restless college students.
Basketball History: Origin of the Sport
In contrast to other sports, basketball has a clear origin. It is not the evolution from an ancient game or another sport and the inventor is well known: Dr. James Naismith.
How Caffeinated Are Our Kids? Coffee Consumption Jumps
Energy drinks tend to get a bad rap….But when it comes to caffeine intake, teenagers seem to be getting far more caffeine from coffee drinks.
More data link tanning beds to skin cancer
Indoor tanning is strongly associated with the development of both basal and squamous cell carcinoma, according to a recent meta-analysis. (Family Practice News, Oct. 2012)
Need more motivation to control weight, exercise? it lowers risk of breast cancer
Women shouldn’t blame themselves for their illness, doctors say, noting that it’s usually impossible to pinpoint what caused an individual woman’s breast tumor. But about 25% of all breast cancer cases in women of all ages could be avoided by maintaining a healthy body weight and doing regular physical activity… (USA Today, Oct. 2013)
Sunny With a Chance of Cancer
How much should we worry about sunshine? (Newsweek, June 2013)
The Curse of the Crocodile: Russia’s Deadly Designer Drug (crocodile)
The average user of krokodil, a dirty cousin of morphine that is spreading like a virus among Russian youth, does not live longer than two or three years, and the few who manage to quit usually come away disfigured. (Time, June 2011)
Flesh-eating ‘zombie’ drug ‘kills you from the inside out’ (crocodile)
A flesh-eating drug that turns people into zombie-like creatures seems to have made its way to the United States. (USA Today, Oct. 2013)
What is Molly? Everything you need to know about the party drug (molly)
The third day of New York City’s Electric Zoo music festival was canceled by the mayor’s office this weekend, following the tragic deaths of two twenty-something revelers. (The Week, Sept. 2013)
Who is Molly? Dangerous drug gaining popularity with new name (molly)
The deaths of two young adults and the hospitalization of four others this weekend following a massive electronic music festival in New York City — which was subsequently shut down by city officials — has reignited fears over the club drug MDMA, nicknamed “Molly,” which is the suspected cause of the deaths. (NBC News, Sept. 2013)
Electronic Cigarettes
Health officials: E-cigarette peddlers just blowing smoke
That cloud hanging over electronic cigarettes these days isn’t just from the nicotine-laced vapor that the newfangled butts emit. (The Washington Times, Nov. 2013)
Health Risks of E-Cigarettes Emerge
Electronic cigarettes, marketed as safer than regular cigarettes, deliver a cocktail of toxic chemicals including carcinogens into the lungs, new studies show. Using e-cigarettes may even make bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics, according to one study. (ScienceNews, June 2014)
More Children Using Electronic Cigarettes
Children–like adults–are increasingly trying electronic cigarettes, concludes the first large national study to gauge use by middle and high school students. (Education Week, Sept. 2013)
Vape ’em if you got ’em; E-cigarettes
BETTING against an industry with addicts for customers carries obvious risks. But these are uncertain times for Big Tobacco. Electronic cigarettes, once dismissed as a novelty, now pose a serious threat. (The Economist, March 2013)
Gluten-free Diets
FDA gives meaning to “gluten free”: as consumer interest in gluten-free food products rises, food manufacturers have been cashing in. But until last week’s announcement by the FDA, the label had little actual meaning
According to a July 2010 study published in Discovery’s Edge, Mayo Clinic’s online research magazine, diagnosed cases of celiac disease have risen four-fold in the past 60 years, though researchers are still seeking an explanation for the sudden spike in cases. (Food Manufacturing, Sept. 2013)
Going gluten-free just because? Here’s what you need to know
After being confined to health-food stores for years, gluten-free foods have become the latest food fad. (Harvard Health Letter, Feb. 2013)
Gone gluten-free
The latest health fad may be doing more harm than good. Even the Wheat Belly guru is worried. (Maclean’s, Sept. 2013)
Most People Shouldn’t Eat Gluten-Free
Many Americans are considering cutting back on the amount of gluten in their diets or avoiding it altogether. However, nutritionists say that if this is not done carefully, the diet can be unhealthy. (Scientific American, March 2013)
Dismantling the hazing culture
This month, millions of young Americans are moving into college dorms for the first time…. Along with unprecedented freedom and opportunity will be the hazards of alcohol abuse and the allure of dangerous rituals that some think are merely rites of passage.(USA Today, August 2013)
Hazing high: hazing isn’t just a raunchy college rite of passage
nearly half of all high school girls have suffered through scare tactics and humiliation just to fit in with a group. So what will you do if hazing hits your school? (Seventeen, Aug. 2009)
“My sorority sisters almost killed me!”
When you’re in a new place, you’d do anything to fit in. But when her pledging went too far, Asya, 19, saw a sinister side to sisterhood. (Seventeen, Nov. 2012)
Stamp Out Hazing
Hazing has typically been associated with fraternities and sororities on college campuses around the country. Yet, according to, it is well documented that it also occurs within sports teams, religious organizations, clubs, and other groups. ( Source: School Band and Orchestra, Dec. 2011)
Stand up against hazing: hazing is a socially sanctioned form of bully you can help cycle
Hazing can take many forms–including brutal violent and sexual acts. It spans all types of youth organizations, including athletic, academic, performing arts, and volunteer groups. It happens in schools small and large; urban, suburban, and rural; across the country and throughout the world. (Current Health 2, April-May 2010)
Lacrosse – History
US Lacrosse – History of Lacrosse
Lacrosse was one of many varieties of indigenous stickball games being played by American Indians at the time of European contact… The Indian Origins of Lacrosse
Another game is with a crooked stick, and ball made of leather stufft with hair: he wins that drives it from the other between two trees appointed for the goal. This tantalizing sports tidbit chronicles an early Powhatan Indian version of one of the lasting, and today thriving, gifts of our Native American predecessors, the game of lacrosse. ( “Colonial Williamsburg” Journal, Winter 2010)
USA Pickleball Association – Pickleball Rules Summary
This is an abbreviated form of the rules to give a quick overview of how the game is played.
USA Pickleball Association – What is Pickleball?
A paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.
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