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General Cars & Driving

Car Dealer Tricks to Watch For – Buyers Info
An article from Car and Driver magazine.
Car Talk
Information on cars, from buying to selling to upkeep, the Car Talk radio show, and related topics.
Consumer Reports: News: Cars
Consumer Reports’ cars reporters, editors, and testers will quickly report on new developments and trends.
All the information and resources needed [about] buying, servicing, maintaining, accessorizing or selling cars. Includes easy menus to find out about recommended service schedules, part prices, trade-in values, and other information.
Edmunds Inc. publishes four Web sites that empower, engage and educate automotive consumers, enthusiasts and insiders. A respected source for auto information.
Fearless Driver
Online iformation and tips from a California driving school.
New York State Driver’s Manual and Study Guide
Essential study for anyone planning to get their New York license.
Road Signs Flashcards
Online flashcards you can use to test your knowledge of road signs.

Car Care

10 Of The Best Sites To Keep Your Car Running At Top Speed
Recommendations from the MakeUseOf blog.
2CarPros is the ultimate, self-empowering, problem-solving expert, D-I-Y car ownership, maintenance and repair community. With honest, tried and tested, money and time-saving tools and resources …
Taking an active role in maintaining your vehicle is best way to avoid costly repairs down the road. This site was developed to help you learn how.
Auto Repair Advice, Car Reviews & Values.
Keep Your Ride Rolling: Tips for a Longer Lasting Car
Basic maintenance tips that anyone can do at home, from washing the car to changing the filters.
Repair Pal
RepairPal gives you independent and unbiased repair estimates, user ratings and reviews, plus advice you can’t get anywhere else. It’s easy, accurate, and FREE!
free auto repair videos for beginner gear heads to expert auto mechanics that show how to change your brakes, tune your car, check your fluids and tire pressure, change your battery, improve gas mileage and order parts….

Fuel Economy, Green Driving

Alternative Fuel
Articles and information from Popular Mechanics.
Blog covering green motoring around the world.
Buying a Car
Helps you to figure out what kind of car you want, how you’ll finance it, how to score a good deal, new or used, buy or lease – and of course, the big question: How much?
Cost to
Plug in your planned starting point, destination, and make and model of car, and this site will estimate how much gas it will cost.
Drive Pricing
Another site which allows you to estimate how much gas you will use based on trip information.
Edmunds: Fuel Economy
Information about hybrid cars, fuel economy, and related topics. helps consumers make informed fuel economy choices when purchasing a vehicle and helps them achieve the best fuel economy possible from the cars they own. can help you find cheap gas prices in your city. It is a network of more than 181+ gas price information websites that help you find low gasoline prices.
New York State Gas Prices
Online map to find the cheapest fuel and save some money on your next fill. The map is searchable using the search box located above the map.

Traffic Safety & Driving Skills

Car Accident Checklist
Handy form to print out and keep in your glovebox to make sure you get all the information you need and contact everyone you should in event of an accident.
Drive for Life: The National Safe Driving Test
Site includes both safety tips and online safety-review video.
Expert Driving Techniques That Could Save Your Life
Professional drivers are actually highly skilled and use many advanced techniques to control their vehicles. Check out some tips that can help you drive like a pro.
Impact Teen Driver
Providing awareness and education to teenagers, their parents, and community members about all facets of responsible driving, with the goal of reducing the number of injuries and deaths suffered by teen drivers as a result of distracted driving and poor decision making.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit, scientific, and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses — deaths, injuries, and property damage — from crashes on the nation’s highways. Studies, statistics, brochures, vehicle ratings, videos.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
News, tips, safety reports, statistics, and more.
Road Trip America: 70 Rules of Defensive Driving
An excellent resources wherein an instructor shares wisdom gained from nearly fifteen years of teaching defensive driving and traffic law to help keep you from being one of America’s annual traffic statistics.
Safe New York
Information from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. is the nation’s premier source of vehicle safety information from the government, serving the public interest.
Hundreds of safe driving and defensive driving tips from buying a used car or a new car to driving in traffic, driving around school–even tips on parallel parking, buying auto insurance and picking an online driving course…
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