Mr. Wheeler was the former and recently retired Instrumental Director at Seton Catholic Central. During his 40 year career in the Catholic Schools of Broome County he inspired countless students in a multitude of ways. Tragically, Jim Wheeler unexpectedly passed away this winter.

This unexpected loss has shaken the Seton Community and the Seton Instrumental Department to its core. Many students found solace from this tribulation by celebrating the life of this inspiring and remarkable teacher. As such, students independently brought forth ideas to honor Mr. Wheeler. These ideas include the “Keep On Wheelin'” T-shirt drive, the Jim Wheeler Tribute Concert, and the tribute Mass honoring Mr. Wheeler on May 25th. Students have also suggested and created artwork, speeches and a slideshow which were presented at the Jim Wheeler Tribute Concert and will also be presented at the Tribute Mass on May 25th as well as the Jim Wheeler Memorial at the Blind Tiger Pub on Sunday, May 28th.

Upcoming Events:
May 25th, 2 p.m. Seton Catholic Central High School Gymnasium – Ascension Thursday Mass in Honor of Mr. Jim Wheeler
May 28th, 2-5 p.m. Blind Tiger Pub Pavilion – Memorial Honoring Mr. Jim Wheeler

Mr. Wheeler Slideshow:

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